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SOARS Protégés of 2017

Nkosi muse

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
BS in Meteorology
In progress

2017: Comparing Climate Model Hurricane Landfalls to Observed Hurricane Landfalls

2016: Understanding and Communicating Future Flood Losses Using Weather Typing

2015: Ingesting Geospatial Data into the National Weather Service's Hazard Services for Flood Warnings

"Understanding and Communicating Future Flood Losses Using Weather Typing," AMS 97th Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, 2017
"Ingesting Geospatial Data into Hazard Services' Database for National Weather Service Flood Alerts," AMS 96th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, 2016
"Forecasting Particle Drift in New England Coastal Waters," PEP 2014 Symposium, Woods Hole, MA, 2014

To access Nkosi's work on NCAR's library service, OpenSky click here.