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SOARS Protégés of 2006

Braxton Edwards


University of Oklahoma
BS in Meteorology

2006: GIS-based Radar Rainfall Verification
2005: A Flash Flood Risk Assessment of the Colorado Front Range using GIS
2004: Evaluating the Convective Atmospheric Boundary Layer by using Surface Station Data
2003: Analyzing the Accuracy of Using Surface Data to Estimate the Water Vapor Content Throughout the Boundary Layer

"Radar Rainfall Verification in GIS: A step toward improving short-term flash flood forecasting," AMS 87th Annual Meeting: Sixth Annual Student Conference, San Antonio, TX, 2007
"A Flash Flood Risk Assesment of the Colorado Front Range Using GIS," AMS 86th Annual Meeting and 5th Annual Student Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2006
"Evaluating the Convective Atmospheric Boundary Layer by using Surface Station Data," AMS 85th Annual Meeting: Fourth Annual Student Conference, San Diego, CA, 2005
"Evaluating the convective atmospheric boundary layer by using surface station data," Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science: 2004 National Conference, Austin, TX, 2004
"Evaluating surface station representation of the convective atmospheric boundary layer," AMS 84th Annual Meeting: Third Annual Student Conference, Seattle, WA, 2004

2006: Peer Mentor, Imani Morris
2005: Peer Mentor, Nicole Ngo

To access Braxton's work on NCAR's Library service, OpenSky click here.