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Helpful Communication Links


General Writing Resources

  1. The Writing Studio at Colorado State University: This website offers resources for both students and teachers and guides on both writing processes and specific types of writing. Topics covered range from grammar and style to English as a Second Language; the site includes an extensive set of web links. Note the guide on science writing, which offers useful information on poster sessions.
  2. The On-Line Writing Lab at Purdue University: In addition to general coverage of writing issues, the site offers handouts on grammar, English as a Second Language (ESL), scientific writing, editing techniques, etc.
  3. Strunk and White's "The Elements of Style": A classic!

Writing Resources in Atmospheric Sciences

Web Resources on Poster Sessions

  1. Colorado State University Poster Session Guide
  2. Cain Project Guide to Designing Scientific and Engineering Posters
  3. Swarthmore College Advice on Designing Scientific Posters
  4. Creating Effective Poster Presentations