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Each summer, proteges take part in a weekly Scientific Communications Workshop that not only improves their skills, but also leads to a richer appreciation of the close connections between communication activities and scientific research.

The workshop helps proteges produce a detailed and sophisticated scientific research paper, a scientific poster, and a colloquium talk by addressing a range of rhetorical issues: framing the research question by drawing on previous research, articulating methods in ways that demonstrate mastery of disciplinary conventions, stating results by incorporating visuals, analyzing claims in light of the evidence gathered, and articulating the broader significance of the study.

The workshop is fully interactive and working collaboratively is actively encouraged. The workshop also provides a common framework within which individualized meetings with writing mentors can become especially productive. This page includes the syllabus for the scientific communications workshop, as well as useful resources for our proteges and mentors.


Instructor: Bec Batchelor


Dr Rebecca (Bec) Batchelor has been working with SOARS since 2011. She is trained as an atmospheric scientist with a specialty in measuring atmospheric trace gases using ground based spectroscopy. She completed her PhD at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, in conjunction with the National Institute of Water and Atmosphere, in 2005, after spending 10 months at Scott Base in Antarctica making measurements by moonlight during the polar winter. Following completion of her doctoral research she spent a further year in Antarctica, this time at the US McMurdo station, before switching poles to make atmospheric composition measurements in the high Canadian Arctic as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto. She moved to Boulder late in 2009 to work in the Optical Techniques group of the Atmospheric Chemistry Division of NCAR, where she worked with measurements from Greenland and Hawaii, before moving fully to the SOARS Center for Higher Education in the UCAR Center for Science Education in 2012. She brings writing and presentation experience gained through authoring, co-authoring and reviewing many papers, posters, public interest articles and presentations over the last ten years, and has been teaching scientific communication workshops for a number of internship programs, including the Research Experiences for Community College Students in Critical Zone Science based at CU Boulder. She is particularly interested in broadening participation in the geosciences, and finds seeing SOARS proteges become incredible scientists one of the most motivating parts of her career. In addition to working part time for SOARS, she has two small children.

Bec's Office Hours:

Bec can be found in FL2-2002, typically between 9:30 and 2 pm.


Scientific Communications Workshop Summer Syllabus

SOARS at the NCAR library (with links to very helpful resources!)

Writing and Communication Links